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12 things to know about how your sign affects your sex life


As imaginative and creative as pisceans are, their lovers can have out-of-this-world sexual experience. Perhaps the biggest takeaway that i have found, that really relates to [sex positions] is that virgo tend to focus on technique at the expense of emotional connection. Carnal crisscross is a sex position that allows maximum sexual experience both for capricorns and their partners. The sexual pregame will make game time that much hotter. Interactions with the planet venus also inform an astrologer about your sexuality. You lie on the edge of the bed with your hips on the bed but your legs completely over the edge. From here, you can lift yourself up and lower yourself onto them.

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Zodia signs sex styles. This intimate position lets you both take it slow (or fast) and you’ll be able to see each other’s expressions for extra intimacy. Don’t be a starfish! liven up the experience by closing your legs tight around your man, pinching his nipples and squeezing his butt. This is a good communicating position where each partner gets to explore the other. This lover wants to explore and play, experiment and interact psychologically as much as physically.

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