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Run down from years of disuse, it’s paint faded and cracked. Straps from the leather sheath slipped under her arms to cross over the top of her breasts and then over the tops of the opposite shoulders to buckle back on the sheath to keep it from slipping down off of her arms. It wasn’t just the pressure against my flesh, it was the constant strain to stay upright, the constant strain to lift myself to relieve the pressure, the pain in my legs from the muscles constantly working, the shifting of the discomfort from one part of my crotch to the other. The man’s grunts and cries were music to her ears. He awoke groggily, uncomfortably aware of the pressure on his arms, which were suspended straight out toward hooks in the opposing walls by ropes attached to leather cuffs around his wrists. Somebody get this fucking pig a razor. My legs could hardly lift me now, it was all i could do to stay upright.

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She tried to move her arms but found that they were held up over her head. The nuances of the pain were beginning and were unusual, the way it morphed and moved with me, how i could avoid one pain simply to invoke another. When jessica awoke, she immediately knew something was wrong.

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