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And when he does, i’ll be waiting for you. You don’t have a heart. Bella forced a laugh, but smiled warmly at him. I’m sorry about all of this jacob. 0, eat buckets of ice cream mixed with whiskey, plan spider murder with your best friend and attempt valiantly to handle falling in love twice with two impossibly complicated men. She heard him suck in a jagged breath.

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Twilight adult fanfiction bella jacob edward. After the vote edward leaves again to try to force bella to remain human. This isn’t your fault edward. I figured you would ask me that eventually. May i?” carlisle asked, holding his hands out slowly.

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The second round took him in the gut and slammed him back against an ancient tree. What safeword have you picked? red her internet search suggested this was the usual safeword used. Her life was uneventful until she met a stunning, mysterious, obsessive man with a monstrous hidden past.

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