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You can include specific things, like positions, or. Here are a few tips for creating a sexier, more sensual bedroom: Not only ok, it’s sexy. Visit your paint store and ask for suggestions.

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Turn your bedroom erotic. Try to keep the bedroom tidy and neat. And if you get frustrated when things don’t work the same as they always did, you may shut down and stop having sex. They add ambiance and chi. Instead of a jarring alarm clock that shocks the two of you awake, try the soft, gentleness of a zen alarm clock, with gradually increasing chimes and gongs that ease you out of slumber. You’ll be thinking about this one well into day 24. To keep things golden in bed, it’s not just about sex with your partner. I am the same way.

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Give each other a show! masturbate in front of each other for as long as you can handle it before you have to bone. Avoid clutter and big, oversized furniture in small bedrooms. It can be a really fun process if you let yourself be curious.

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