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There is even has a section on how to. This type of club also has newsletters and local and regional meetings. The first kind is an artifact collector club. The new york archeological council even posts less- alluring signs like “environmentally sensitive zone: do not enter” to deter would-be looters or curious hunters. Solid and important questions were raised such as the ethics of working with collectors who obtained their materials through legal but less than desirable circumstances and the problem of repositories bursting at the seams with cultural materials mitigating against taking on more artifacts, regardless of context (see excellent. So, how do you find an avocational society to join? in every american state, canadian province, australian territory, and british county (not to mention almost every other country in the world), you can find a professional archaeological society. This is not to say that collectors are bad people or not enthusiastic in what they do.

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The american society for amateur archaeology. Michael gramly presenting the achievement award of the american society of amateur archaeology to charles e. In the united states, the antiquities act prohibits the excavation or destruction of any archaeological materials on government land. ), and what it might have meant to people of the past (interpretation). Amateur archaeologist freddy arnsten is a member of the danish amateur archaeologist association and is glad that his discoveries can now be added to the database for all to see. Some sponsor group tours of archaeological sites, have regular talks by professional archaeologists, We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Dime is supported by the krogager foundation and developed in close cooperation with local museums and the association of danish amateur archaeologists.

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Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no kindle device required. But their work hinges on accuracy — a disrupted site is less likely to hold verifiable clues.

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