Squirrel up the anus

Drunk man who stuck two live fish into his anus is rushed to hospital when they swim up his intestines


It will need a large cage. And he swears he saw one of his military mounts in the movie. Some vet offices see small rodents. In the beginning, nadeau practiced on the road kill he found along highway 44; he still has. I don’t expect any of these posts to be real, no worries.

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Grande finale

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Squirrel up the anus. His fame has occasionally backfired. You can push dowel rods through the holes of the cage and secure them in place by tying the ends together or placing nuts and washers on the ends. It’s part of being human. I may give that a try as well, as it looks pretty efficient. In “the mouse and the snake,” sedaris makes a distinction between exoticism and eccentricity: “to qualify for the latter, all you needed was a turban and an affinity for ridiculously large beads or the color purple,” his mouse thinks. Try to do this when it is warm and dry for a couple of days so that you can stock the box with towels for the squirrel to hide or nestle in. Add a hanging water bottle to the side of the habitat and give the squirrel a mineral stone for small mammals.


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At first, a baby squirrel isn’t very mobile so that a small box will do just fine. Ever see a squirrel and wonder “where do squirrels live?” read this article to find out where you can squirrels and their natural habitat.

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