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How about if i said i lost my job because i slept with another man who was out and he opened his mouth “oh,i know him”. Jennifer schneider of both. What we achieved in therapy was freeing him from the compulsion to act on it. It’s actually pretty common for a woman to question her man’s sexuality for reasons that have nothing to do with his preferences, and this could be your situation! I am shocked by this and would not stand for any of it ever. By 6 months in i knew something was wrong and blamed myself.

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Sign of a bisexual husband. Cried myself to sleep many times. Accepting your husband as he is is the first step towards a secure relationship. Many men enjoy this, even straight men (though few admit it), so it’s nothing to be alarmed about. I have to this day never had any explanation or apologies.


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Provide your man the trust and understanding he wants from you. Hes sugar sweet, actually downright sappy with guys and rude & disrespectful to women.

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