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All of creation is inherently sacred because it is part of the interconnected web of ecology that sustains life. The sexual hormones themselves are experiential filters that are induced into the limbic system. What else could motivate us to overcome the difficulties we encounter in intimate relating? love making is more fun and more readily available than the natural disasters, war, and other life threatening situations which also create strong bonds among those who survive. Credibility is lost when such a basic mistake is made. In ancient days men and women came together to honor the divine within themselves and within each other. In the massage part, you can be as dressed or undressed as you feel like in that moment and the one you are working with is open to.

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Deepen into sacred union!

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Sacred erotic touch. This work is the corner stone of her outreach to those with perceived disabilities and challenges effecting sensual expression and intimacy. Some neuro-peptides are time dependent like lh, fsh, estrogen or progesterone responsible for the female cycle. I recommend learning about practices that work with kundalini energy. Is the leader of the tantra temple in denmark, where they both teach tantric massage.

The power of erotic touch and soulful communication


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They communicate on a spiritual level. The synaptic response is reformulated to gain our selective attention towards experiencing sex and its related biorhythmic enhancements: better sleep, deeper breathing, lower blood pressure, relaxed muscle tone, emotional bonding and regular digestion. All of them have a psychic component.