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Select your location to take advantage of direct shipping and best prices. A normal bowel movement is usually sufficient to express these sacs. Regardless of the technique used, the potential for hemorrhage exists, particularly with aggressive dissection. An on-going situation should be discussed with your veterinarian. They placed a drain in the external incision site and for 2 days the drainage was blood tinged serum. 5 year old golden was scooting. The amount of blood/leakage was about a tablespoon.

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Removing canine anal glands. This is a pus-filled anal sac that results from a bacterial infection. In an open technique, the fibers of the external anal sphincter are reapposed with 3-0 or 4-0 monofilament absorbable suture using a simple interrupted pattern. They recommend getting it removed. It will not be cheap to have a good surgeon perform the procedure. Most anal gland issues can be solved by manually expressing (emptying) the glands every now and then.


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Shipping to alaska, hawaii, puerto rico, the virgin islands or p. These nerves branch from the pudendal nerves in the ischiorectal fossa and enter the external anal sphincter at the caudolateral aspect of the muscle bilaterally, ventral to the anal orifice and in close proximity to the anal sacs. Just now when i gently lifted his tail to look (while he was laying down) he started to pass more watery looking blood from his anus (not from the incision site).

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