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Rihannas sex show tweet leads to third thai arrest | music | the guardian


Rihanna was visiting thailand while on a brief holiday from her diamonds world tour, seemingly oblivious to the legal customs of the country. People eat, drink, then stumble to the bigger places. She added, “the birds feathers were all damp! lol”. I tried to get her attention, but she was gone.

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Real sex shows in thailand. She ended up also doing the live sex part of the act and in addition to free drinks we also got our entrance fee back! Another hard grunt and pointing from the bounder were all it took for us to be mortified. Brooke: “holy shit! beer, please. This bar is a good alternative for those looking to escape the house music that permeates most of the areas establishments. It is repeated again and again from 6:00 p. Then a lady asked us to write name (which the lady wrote also using her ******).


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Being quite drunk i agreed and managed to persuade my girlfriend to go on stage. By the way, there are a lot of other interesting trips and tours in pattaya apart from this show. The cop asked me where i came from so he could have a short conversation with me to make sure i was not messed up on drugs, and when he realized i was coherent, he sent us on our way home.

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