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To go with his sizable endowment, shorty is described as having a larger-than-life personality. But a couple months back i saw an old video of him with a little penis no bigger than mine. His career began in 2005 and since then has appeared in over 120 films. This will allow you to search for titles that have another person in the cast.

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Pornstar shorty mac. I just think it’s bullshit they put some malformed doped up cock in pornos like it is something natural when it is not. I don’t even want a bigger cock myself. You’re spending a lot of time thinking about this. As with most of the successful black performers in the industry, shorty has appeared in numerous gang bang sessions, offering exceptional performances, complete with enjoyable commentary for both viewers and co-stars alike. I believe there’s a surgery that can enhance penis size that a lot of male porn stars get. However, this performer, hailing from the streets of harlem, new york has made an distinctively-colossal mark in the adult film industry.


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I am pretty sure he used steroids or something to make it bigger. That is what they all say. I want to uncover the secret for the sake of science, and there are plenty of smart perverted guys on reddit that i think can answer the question.