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Yet i won’t lie and say that the thought of being with another guy hasn’t be very tempting to me. Bisexuals may come to a relationship with certain predispositions or tendencies away from sexual monogamy, but, like all of us, they make choices, and must deal with the consequences of these choices, within their relationships. Alfred kinsey and millions of self-described bisexuals are to be believed, are drawn to both sexes. Or that we are doing it for male attention. Is it great? i think so. Studies that have compared the levels of monogamy find that bisexuals are the least likely group to report monogamy in their relationships.

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Photos of bisexual men having sex. Michael bailey, a professor of psychology at northwestern and the new study’s senior author. Alfred kinsey found many married, publicly heterosexual men who reported having had sex with other men. This is my first same-sex relationship, so i can’t generalize too much, but it’s really refreshing to not have such strict gender roles. When i was 15, i started identifying as a lesbian and exclusively saw women, but when i was 17, i started identifying as bisexual. Thankfully, my friends were entirely accepting, and affirmed that they loved and supported me no matter what.

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I’m sure there’s more but won’t be able to get it out if her or find out. A significant challenge in any of this research is defining the concept of bisexuality.