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I added this July of 2013 and this is the HIGHEST FORM of rating I could ever bestow upon a book. Either the book shook the truth in me, moved my insides, turned my legs into noodles, put me in a 2-day shock or had me cram for all justifying adjectives in the literary world to express my love for it, then the book is simply IT. The book I adored. The PERFECT one. THE ABSOLUTE TTB BOOK!

This means I loved the novel so much that I get book hangover for days. There's this punch in the stomach effect!

I loved the novel and would also recommend it. One star less means that I find a little flaw in it or the punch is missing.

I liked the novel. Two star less means that I think there might be an improvement in a certain part of the novel. Or I liked it and that's it.

Succession of disappointments all around. Might be not the way I expected it to be or most probably, the story is underwhelming to me.

A novel that completely annoyed and disappointed me in every aspect I get to question myself. There's hate for the characters thrown in there.

A Series of Unfortunate Reads = DNF. No matter what I do, I just can't go on and follow through what I started because everything about the book is absolutely ulk.

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