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First of all, fly on the upper-right part of the main continent of b3 to automatically enter a namekian village. Somehow, in the midst of our reluctance, embarrassment, uncertainties, self-consciousness, frustrations, fears, doubts, or hopes that things will change for the better very soon, we need to get ourselves to act. Reach the last story marker to fight broly. Continue with the next story marker. But likely not in the way we would expect. ) on the lookout itself to “respawn” korin’s tower and kami’s lookout as visitable destinations. By doing this you will unlock.

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Or true breakthrough teen. In a2 you can also find a ??? sparkle in the plains near the mountains. You want to reach the one in c2, which is a namek village. This will work on future playthroughs as well, but only until you reach level 16. Until level 14 included, it will be a silver membership card. Gohan level 32: fight him and eventually nappa will “break in”, meaning you fight him (nappa) instead of gohan.


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Reach the next red marker for a scene. Every character can find these membership cards somewhere in his dragon universe, but you only need one silver/gold/black membership card to unlock all the possible items for sale in the shop, so don’t worry about getting them with every character.

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