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Our analysis of interactions did not find a significant moderating role for race or ethnicity and gender. (mom goose probably originated in 17th-century france. He was playing the flute. The extensive set of covariates we were able to include in this model increases our confidence that this association is indicative of an effect of spanking on child behavior rather than simply a spurious correlation.

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Nursery rhymes boy spank. Well meaning adults have. In data not shown but available upon request, we tested a series of interactions in the models for both externalizing and ppvt scores, including spanking by gender and, importantly, spanking by race or ethnicity. Therefore, for ease of interpretation and to maintain consistency with prior work (. And put them to bed. And pulled out a plum.

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Items are measured on a 4-point scale ascertaining the extent to which the mother agrees that being a parent is harder than she expected, she feels trapped by her responsibilities as a parent, she finds taking care of her children much more work than pleasure, and she often feels tired, worn out, or exhausted from raising a family. A great rhyme to tell while cutting little toenails!

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