My son pees in shower

8 reasons you should pee in the shower (and not feel gross about it)


I have a 9yr old son who continues to pee all over the bathroom (floor, tub, wall), as well as in his closet. Then one day it stopped as quickly as it had started, until these past few weeks. So, i (being the mean big sister) gave him his toothbrush (i had a new one for him, but he didn’t know it at the time) a pail of bleach water and told him he had to scrub the entire bathroom with his toothbrush. My daughter pooped in the potty from that day on and never looked back. She has also seen a psychiatrist for these other issues, but she would only see her once a month and nothing is happening with her getting better or them accessing her and determining what is wrong. Now i don’t worry about it. Needless to say, after the 2 hours of scrubbing the bathroom he never peed anywhere except the toilet again.

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My son pees in shower. In a nutshell, just make sure the training is not happening in a new situation or a situation requires an adaptation. Why is it only ok because he can pee standing up? why is it ok for any person to pee outside a toilet? do you have any idea what’s in human urine? oh it’s just a little pee, running full of viruses (because every child has at least a gazillion constantly) untreated directly into rivers, streams, lakes, oceans. I wet the bed constantly from 1st grade to 8th grade. She told us that it was a habit that she had got used to when she was in the orphange.


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Then one day while on a playdate, her friend went to the bathroom in the potty in front of her. We waited to do it because i was pregnant and we didn’t want to add to the already stressful event of adding a new sibling. One thing we recommend is to do timed voids.

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