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) most ue workplaces and jobs are not covered by the department of transportation regulations. The ruling greatly expanded the scope of school drug testing, which previously had been allowed only for student athletes. The primary purpose of drug testing is not to punish students who use illicit drugs but to prevent future illicit drug use and to help students already using become drug-free. In this scenario, the union has to deal with several questions at once. Bill gropper was a little mad when the plant human relations director approached him and said, “bill, i just want to let the union know that we intend to put into place a drug testing program for all employees. First, they hope random testing will serve as a deterrent and give students a reason to resist peer pressure to take drugs.

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Just say no to piss tests. Only one test has been conducted so far this school year at granville, with no positive results, brown said. Breathalyzer tests for alcohol will show recent or on-the-job use. If a school has a particular problem with other drugs, such as. Dupre logistics, inc. A step-by-step guide to building power on the job. Under granville’s program, a random sampling of students involved in covered activities are tested for drug and alcohol use about once a month. By 1987, nearly 25% of the.


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