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Johnston city pool hustler tournament winners and player profiles,

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Changes in his medication apparently left him confused and disoriented, and news reports said he had been committed to a psychiatric ward at vanderbilt university medical center. It’s hard to get remotivated again. He parked them in the yard of the house that he and evelyn eventually bought in dowell, ill. Who won both the 9-ball and the all around title that year.

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Dick kay and the johnston city, illinois, pool hustlers1961-1972Hustlers come to johnson city |

Johnston city il hustler. At an early age, if you know what i mean. A moribund little mining town outside du quoin. The nine ball shot toward the corner pocket like it was being pulled on a string. It occurred back on his home turf, at 26th and wallace, where he lured two bensinger’s regulars, mexican johnny and gus the greek. After a scouting mission on november 14, cbs came to johnston city to cover the finals, which was the first time major tv covered either a. While in the hospital, he suffered what theresa calls “a massive heart attack.

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The most important thing my dad taught me,” she continues, “is that there’s magic in the world and thoughts are important. Or the time he took up meditation and his sister found him levitating in the bathtub. He moved back to chicago only at the behest of artie bodendorfer, a hustler who’d just bought bensinger’s and who paid for his ticket back (three times, because freddy blew the first two checks) so he could stir up business.

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