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Enrolment rates are very low and less enforced in these areas, there is inequality between the sexes, and girls have low enrolment ratios. In 1989,49% of the region’s total population lived in rural areas; this proportion was expected to drop to 43% by the end of the century. Another problem in the developed countries is the rise of secondary and tertiary illiteracy in recent years, i. This process is equally important for future modifications and improvements of such experiences. Poverty and the tradition of early marriages, particularly in rural areas, and parents’ unawareness of the importance of girls’ education, in addition to the shortage of “girls friendly” schools, are the common causes of women’s illiteracy. In bahrain, the low level of students was reflected in a lack of mastery of essential skills.

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Illiteracy adult in asia. Despite sufficient financial resources and a small population, kuwaiti students came at the bottom of the list of 41 countries and ranked 39. Pakistan and bangladesh each had around 50 million people who were illiterate in 2008 and 2009, respectively; indonesia had about 13 million people who were illiterate in 2008. Readers can also interact with the globe on. Found that most plans did not mention any clear governmental commitment, including the appropriation of necessary financial resources for the implementation of these plans. Other skills such as computer skills or basic numeracy may also be included, as there are many people who cannot read letters but can read numbers, and even learn to use a computer (in a limited way) while remaining unable to read text.


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Of countries is characterized by being spread out over large geographical areas, with limited resources spearing out saudi arabia. Countries are contrasted to another “literacy deprived” group of five states with the largest arab population, all scoring below the developing countries’ average of 85. Progress since 2000, when the global literacy rate was 82%, has been relatively slow.

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