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Humphrey said in october that she wanted bardwell to resign. I can recuse myself and tell them to come back when they’re sober,” he said. Nice summary of this story and the reality of the country, today. Humphrey and mckay were eventually married by another justice of the peace, but are now looking into legal action against bardwell. I’m an elected official,” he said. President barack obama is himself the child of a mixed-race marriage.

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Humphrey interracial marriage la. And doris jonas freed. I feel the children will later suffer. Were common in many states until 1967. My main concern is for the children. When questioned, bardwell acknowledged he routinely recuses himself from marrying interracial couples because he believes the marriages harm the couples’ children. New york: fawcett columbine, 1995. – the actions of a justice of the peace in louisiana who refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple have prompted some top officials, including gov.

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Keith bardwell, a jp for 34 years in tangipahoa parish, south-eastern louisiana, turned away beth humphrey, 30, who is white, and terence mckay, 32, who is black. White people, on average, reported only one close relationship with someone of a different race.

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