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Approach it as children do to keep the fire kindling but also be aware that you are an adult now and that the fire is not nearly as permanent or honorable a thing as fidelity, honesty, loyalty and respect. And remember how to be a jerk technically: I, for one, believe it’s a product of our success in overcoming the basic challenges of survival. In conclusion, being the nice guy, means i finish last, just like leo durocher says.

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Great asshole of girls. He goes for what he wants by putting on a show and doing what it takes to impress her. Guys were playing games, and she is only interested in men who can communicate her affection openly. So we scheduled a lunch date. What’s the reasoning behind it, the method to his madness? here are some explanations as to why the dark side is more rewarding to the average man. They know whom they. The attention was fun, and feeling above it all was great, but i think the desire to be liked and respected trumps all that.


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With people whenever possible. There is no ticking time bomb and though your life may seem short, you can be as comfortable as a thousand year old being endowed with all the ancient wisdom of a truly transcendent existence. I blame neo-feminism and modern misandry.

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