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Girl cleaned my sheets also though. She said goodbye to her friends and we were off. I went in behind her, fully erect, though it was dying off quickly, and jumped in the shower. I (grossly) swallowed it, ran to the washroom and threw up again. I’d love to see him :-p.

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Girl throws up sucking dick. Stuff like that will happen from time to time. We got over it in a matter of seconds, i just don’t want it to happen again! i don’t imagine he will be wanting many bjs if his dick ends up covered in vomit everytime, haha. Because if you deepthroat, you could throw up. Saving their mouths a lot of trouble. You’re probably right about the “if his dick ends up covered in vomit everytime” part. Chalk it up to lack of experience doing it and learning. I’m sorry that i’m such a tool.

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Mike craddock on twitter: how do girls suck dick without throwing up but you just put your fingers down your mouth to make yourself sick?She pukes while sucking dickHow do people have oral sex without throwing up? or am i misinformed? does oral sex actually consist of licking genitals? - quoraThai girl puking all over dick - videos - pornbozz

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Three out of the four girls starting gagging and eventually puked when they tried to deepthroat my dick – a huge mood killer! How could i not?