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True, not even the onion thought of it. Not cool and plays into the hands of the right. R80 & r81 are so goddamn stupid they deserve to get kicked into heavy traffic. : unbelievable behavior from senate gop.

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Fuck young boy peckers. He also called for 90 million people to take to the streets in protest at the government’s decision to criminally prosecute migrants who cross the us border illegally and separate them from their children. ) in the 2011 interview with. You were supposed to address the questions of fact that i raised. But your dick is totally fine. She called half of his supporters deplorable, which, when you do the math, comes to %12 of the voting population. Fuck off with your hypocrisy. They are not smart men.


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The threats fonda made are more than enough for an arrest & possible baker acting. They are weak and powerless little sales people or bag people at vons whos only chance to have some power tis to come on datalounge and rant. And learn how to fucking type.