Ferret distended anus

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Cardiomyopathy is a term used to describe diseases of the heart muscle. It really sucks, because i know how bad marshall’s is for them and the better the food the less they’ll ultimately go through. Treatment with oral medications are usually curative. I am so glad to hear it. Hopefully that will also get him to shift off of marshalls.

I believe my ferret has a prolapsed rectum, she is making painful noises when trying to poop and her anus is protruding,Anal gland impaction and abscessation in ferrets (miscellaneous disease

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Ferret distended anus. I would be cautious about any unsupervised play time, as well, in the event that she may be prone to ingesting parts of toys (again, we worry about foreign body being part of the problem). The only way to try to prevent it is to know if there is a genetic predisposition and to know our friend very well so that we can quickly detect symptoms and go to a specialist. In the meanwhile, do not vary her diet and monitor closely her eating and drinking habits. This may seem somewhat like hemorrhoids, but is actually more like what happens when you pull part of a sock inside out. It is an inflammation of the stomach and intestine. Last night i found the rolling pin and ground everything up (marshalls+wellness) and mixed it with warm water, and it seems like he’s been taking to this.


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In the case of. Marshalls food is terrible, i have heard so many horror stories. This morning, it’s back to like nothing had happened.

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