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When purchasing chickens from a hatchery or feed store, remember that even chicks being sold as female (aka: sexed, pullets) risk being male. This makes sexing newly hatched chicks difficult. In addition, links on this page might be affiliate links, which means we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. He noted that certain combinations of rooster over hen gave the new hatchling a definite marker for boy or girl.

(pdf) edge extraction algorithm for feather sexing poultry chicksHow to tell a rooster from a hen (is it a boy or a girl?)


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Feather sexing chicks. In fact they don’t have to read them. A few things you should know. They also said that before you start you need to get the ring to tell you which direction it was going to use for which sex. Weather patterns also seem to have an effect on fertility and on male-to-female percentages in poultry and livestock.

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Wing feather sprout pattern sorting

I tried that on every living thing i could get my hands on, (my kids included) and it was right for everything that i definitely knew the sex of. Let’s us explain which breed’s we like and why to you.