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We expected to identify an overlapping network for the blocked and the event-related design reflecting the neuroanatomical correlates of all four components of redoute’s [. The statistical threshold was set to. Especially in emotion research, the presentation duration appears to be important, not only from a methodological point of view, but also in respect of differences in information processing. This certainly affects the generality of the results, as women have shown to differ from men in their preference of sexual stimuli [. In both designs we found increased activation in occipitotemporal regions, more precisely in ba 19/37, in response to erotic stimuli. Neuroimaging data expanded these results by showing that activation in the left insula is correlated with orgasm quality in women [.

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Erotic lee 2. If he rifles her hair she might snap like a twig. In blocked designs stimulus presentation length is prolonged and the occurrence of consecutive stimuli in a block is fully predictable [. Higher activity during presentation of neutral control stimuli compared to erotic images was only found in the right temporal lobe. These are only low resolution samples of what you can get if you access their members area. Second, the sample size of this study is small, thus moderate signal increases might be missed due to a high probability of a type ii error. Although, participants were not explicitly instructed to inhibit sexual arousal, they could have tried to do so.

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Blocked, compared to event-related, presentation of erotic stimuli additionally allows for the emerging and detecting of non-specific secondary processes, including sustained attention to relevant stimuli, motor imagery and intentional suppression of motor-related actions such as erection responses. Following the second fmri session, all 36 images used during the scanning sessions were shown to the participants outside the scanner.