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Over the years, the arrl obtained small concessions –a 25 kc segment here and there, 25 watt power limitations, day and night restrictions; but from the 1940s right up to the early 80s, our 160 meter band sounded like a huge broadbanded buzzsaw as loran completely dominated it. The commission assigned fm the frequencies between 42 and 50 megahertz, enough for 40 fm channels, and authorized commercial service beginning january 1, 1941. : over 12,000 old-time-radio shows available for free instant listening. To be used during natural disasters. In 1934, the ire held a convention in philadelphia. Census – do you own a radio? Citing illegal cb operation on the “10 1/2” meter band (i.

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Edwin h armstrong amateur call sign. Tornados sliced through the state, killing 150. Liberal repeater subbands were authorized at 52-54, 146-148, 222-225, and 442-450 mhz. Heathkit had the”pawnee” and “shawnee” 2 and 6 meter transceiver kits. Number of stations you could hear. It was, according to welles, the “.

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Processors, powdered lubricants, memory foam, quartz clocks and battery-powered tools. Major armstrong was not giving up on an fm band in the 43-58 mc. In our next installment, we will take a look at the 1950’s–1958 to be exact.

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