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4% among women whose husbands drank alcohol, compared to 18. All regular households were listed. In the regions where large age differences are rare, the spread of modern contraception is well advanced, whereas in most countries where the non-egalitarian model is widespread, contraceptive diffusion is low. Your email address has been saved. Her second marriage was to a man 10 years younger than her. Distribution of women by emotional violence according to spousal age difference. He has had his moments in fights with the likes of aung la nsang and tatsuya mizuno and the egyptian’s best chance is to suck ataides into a striking war and tag him.

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Domination age difference. It was hinted at during the debates on modernization in the 1960s (goode, 1963; parsons, 1960, 1968), and developed by john caldwell (1982). In this regard, the longer duration of marriage also tended to increase the number of years of exposure to the risk of ipv, although other socioeconomic situations within the family might also play an important role in reversing such risk. Global positioning system (gps) receivers were used to calculate the coordinates of the sample clusters. This research received no grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial or not-for-profit sectors. Polygyny remains a resilient institution, but recent data suggest that it has begun to decline in some countries and in advantaged social groups (antoine and pilon 1998; antoine, 2002; hertrich, 2003). The level of ipv was generally high in nigeria, but it reduced with increasing spousal age difference.


Age difference between spouses, autonomy of the couple, and fertility transition

These break down into two contextual variables (dominant type of union and level of diffusion of contraception at the regional level), which measure the effect of context on individual practice of modern contraception, and two interactive variables, which measure the effect of the context on the relationship between reproductive behaviour and age difference between spouses. When contraceptive use is only in its earliest stages, the couples most egalitarian in age do not have a significantly higher probability of adopting contraception than couples with a moderate age difference (i.