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Wear what you want, when you want. In th sixties, ribbed tshirts were it! the sleeves were longer and fitted. Biba did a lot of them! My legs have nothing to do with anyone else. Margot meanie has always found it strange that we dissect our bodies in order to love certain parts and despise others, but she never quite got the hang of hating her thighs. Chubby girl loves wearing too short skirts and she was parading around the store, bending over, squatting down and pretty much doing anything to flaunt her thick legs and big buttocks.

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Chubby girls in tight miniskirt. Wear whatever you feel good in!”. Ola dipo’s attitude towards the mini is awesomely flippant. If you want to wear or do something for you, that’s 100 percent more important than what someone could say. We’re all in this together <3. But i just kept on wearing those shorts, and later mini skirts and dresses because my commitment to wearing cute stuff i wanted to was greater than the terror.


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That’s why she started the embowering campaign #selflovebringsbeauty. There are all these so-called tricks for “how to look slimmer” and what to avoid so we don’t make ourselves look larger.

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