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You have signed up for the “confronting the caliphate” series. There is one thing i would do now that i didn’t think of then: i would turn one of the fans off, put a ladder directly under it and forget about it for a couple of weeks. However, he would always kick the crap out of anyone who picked him up near that fan. We didn’t realize there was lasting damage until i picked him up in the same room a day or two later, putting his face just a couple of feet from the fan, and got a solid kick in the neck. It will take a while, so be patient with him.

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Cat ceiling fan from swinging. The cat was usually insanely perceptive, so hubs tried to show him that the fan was inanimate. There’s nothing so scary that your average cat won’t eventually sneak up and smack it. Based on the way he moved and looked at the thing, we think he couldn’t distinguish between the four-bladed, high-contrast fan and an airborne predator. While the external creators who have created the material have assured us that trick photography was used and no animal was harmed, this does not detract from the distasteful nature of the content. If he wants to be in the kitchen for a while, that’s ok, make sure he has access to food/water/litter box in there, so you don’t get any “surprises”. When we moved, we once again had white five-bladed fans that were higher up and usually on, except for one that was like what we had in the apartment.


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Something may have spooked him and he’s now associating it with the fan. It took me almost two days to assemble and perfect the photograph in photoshop.