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Tv series script editor bryan q. I brought you a present. Oh, i’m sure i’ll think of something. This is pretty radical. The rich men of gotham had an abundance of money to burn through and nothing caught their fancy more than super powered beauties dancing in almost nothing but their skin in front of them. It’s moments like these that makes life worth living. That said, i thought this was a very funny comic.

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Cartoon superwoman naked. You drive a car. Get your shiny bald head out of here. I am not laughing. Helena operates as the vigilante called huntress. ‘what do you think he meant, bruce?’ superman asked batman as he stooped down to pick up his unconscious friend.

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After supergirl’s enthusiastic new outlook on the gotham gentleman’s club, batgirl gave her a quick tour of the stage, the pole, and the back room, where anything could go. On that world, they call themselves supergirl and robin. I’m done to my last joke, anyway.

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