Blind pouch vagina hysterectomy

(pdf) hysterectomy of a 15 years old girl: a rare case report


Microbiota stability with cu-iud versus lng-ius use. 6%), followed by genital prolapse (22. Assisted with a robot is a reliable procedure according to what is reported at the global level, offering benefits to both the surgeon and the patient. 76/1000 deliveries and maternal age, placenta previa and blood transfusion in the second period compared with the first period (p < 0. Rapid progression of primary vaginal squamous cell carcinoma in a young hiv-infected woman. Gingivitis was diagnosed in 114 women (63. For patients with no residual disease and negative resection margin, intracavitary radiotherapy could be omitted.

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Comparison of vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy:a prospective non-randomized trialVaginal cancer: overview, risk factors, pathogenesisSex after a hysterectomy | habiba tunau md

Blind pouch vagina hysterectomy. The conversion rate was 7. The ureters should be dissected away before resection of the vagina with the cardinal and vesicouterine ligaments. The groups were similar in respect to age, weight, race, medical comorbidities, blood loss, and operative time. Robotic surgery, with its technical advances, promises to open a new window to minimally invasive surgery in gynaecology.

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Postoperative prognosis following exenteration

The median age was 40. The rectal and bladder pillars are paired, parallel, longitudinal, fibrovascular bundles containing extensive vascular and lymphatic networks between the vagina and the rectum and bladder, respectively. The literature review provided us a new insight regarding safety of mesh.