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Heir left-back ivan strinic was falling apart, and in attack raheem sterling felt just one clean strike on goal from football immortality. There are few more hospitable or friendly places to visit in england than newcastle-upon-tyne, but on a day like this, when late summer is so cold that it feels like winter, when the rain sweeps in off the north sea horizontally and the team in black and white stripes are trying to suffocate you, it is horrible. Sophisticated? experienced? no changes yet for them. Oth teams are in the tunnel standing on some stairs. The legs were tired, the hamstring was tight but henderson strained himself to try and not give in to that even if he was stretched to breaking point with the workload demanded of him. Hen sime vrsaljko picked the ball up on the right and whipped in a cross on 68 minutes it felt like the kind that england had dealt with all night. Some come only once.

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Before gotta it it kick lick watch we. In better watch out, [director chris] peckover has succeeded in creating a truly chilling horror which, i hope, will generate plenty of talk this christmas. Instead, it’s going to please fans of the genre, but it’s not going to make the list that i check twice. I will emphasise that we are in it. When you pour out of the cinema so excited at the film you’ve just watched, and every other word is “ohmygodilovedtwithbitwherethey”? well ‘ding’, kick ass hits that sweet spot. Foul goes in croatia’s favour. Rakitic has a lie down after a mild brush with kane. That’s some fucked up oedipal shit going on here.

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Lil tay had not responded to requests for comment at press time. Modric probing, and those two powerful, strong wingers cutting inside.