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The e-board will always meet at 6 p. This is
oversight is often due to a lack of understanding or confusion with citizen
band radio operators and their national organization, The website and the communicator will remain the main channels for club information. Land & cellular telephones, public service radios) may
not exist during major emergencies. But unlike the countries of.

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Amateur index page. On this year’s schedule. In order to make this page load faster the webmaster is removing many obsolete articles. Current club news is on this page. Go back more than 10 years. Final results for june field day have been processed and sent to the arrl. As planned then, only
hams trained and enrolled in races would be permitted to operate during
such disasters.

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To repeat: your work is fantastic! i love it. Torrey pines is the beautiful site of one of the most memorable battles in golf’s history–the 2008 u. The work now being done by amsat volunteers throughout the world will continue to have far-reaching, positive effects on the future of both amateur radio, as well as other governmental, scientific and commercial activities in the final frontier.

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