Monday, January 22, 2018


When I first saw and heard Mt. Cloud from Kevin's post a few years back, it immediately became a personal goal to visit. There's just this magical pull from Indie Bookstores that a visit is a must. Luckily, I had the chance to revisit Baguio (currently drafting while in transit to Manila) and the first order of business is to locate it.

Most cab drivers weren't familiar with Mt. Cloud but they know Casa Vallejo by heart. Mt. Cloud is just there, sitting calmly in the middle of a busy area and it's honestly easy to find. I took a bunch of photos first before I entered the store and honestly, I wasn't expecting anything. I just let the store blow me away and it diiiiiiiiid!

Mt. Cloud Book Shop houses Filipino Authors and Artists. Every single corner has illustrations, accessories, bookmarks etc made by Filipinos and every shelf space carries Filipino blood. Well, that's based on what I saw! Seeing the books friends wrote and artist's talent in painting/drawing just made me feel so damn proud of being a Filipino! Not only Filipinos are courageous and brave but we are also amazingly talented and Mt. Cloud made sure they display that for everyone to see.

Made it!
Children's corner and some amazing crafts!
Look at that! Stairway to Heaven!

View from the second floor/loft
More books! I saw Romance Class books here!
Look at my happy face! I couldn't help not to pose for a pic! Mt. Cloud is just an amazing bookstore and it is absolutely worth visiting!
And now the haul --

Here you go! I saw a few more Romance Class titles that I've been eying for a while but I don't wanna hoard just yet so I got the ones on top of my list slash I cannot find in Manila hehehe! So lucky also I stumbled upon these illustrated Filipino themed post cards because I am kind of obsessed with post cards lately. And I gotta have the Mt. Cloud stickers for my bujo!

Mt. Cloud Book Shop sure has such cozy and warm ambiance that would immediately make one feel at home. They have well stocked shelves and it is exciting to see books by friends. Visiting Mt. Cloud is definitely one of the highlights of this short trip!
Have you been to Mt. Cloud?


  1. Looks like a fun book trip and you got some great goodies! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

    1. Definitely! I wanna go back! Thanks so much for dropping by, Abby!


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