Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Helloooooooo, guys!! I haven't blogged in forever lol and it feels like I don't know how to do it anymore. I have been quite busy last month because my mom was hospitalized, I left my job (YESSSSS!!! GOODBYE FUCKING HELLHOLE!) and I traveled! It was my first out of the country trip and it was so surreal I still have hungover. It wasn't the best trip (oh God, don't get me started) but it was definitely one for the books!

We booked our flights (connecting) October of 2016 so we had a year to prep-up. The visa application wasn't hard at all (thank God) unlike what I heard from other people. Tokyo blew my mind away. It was everything and so much more! Though I wasn't able to go to places I really wanted to visit like Tokyo Library, Gundam Base and Gundam Cafe among others, the experience was still so fucking amazing I feel like I'm still floating!

Diver City, Odaiba
The streets are clean, air is script and scented, everywhere is safe, food is amazing and it was basically like the country I wanna migrate to! HAHA! Seriously, people are soooo disciplined that when I went back here I was always cursing because people are unbelievable annoying here! The shops are all organized and Japanese people are hands down kind! I WANNA TELEPORT BACK THERE NOWWWWW! What amazed me most is the train system and how people line up all the time, plus the fact that you won't have any other choice but to walk! I've never really loved walking that much but Japan made me look forward to doing it every single day.

The garden near Tokyo Tower.
Korakuen Gardens
The leaves are glowing!
My friends and I stayed in Book Tea Bed in Azabu-Juban and the capsule hotel has bookish interior so imagine me squealing when I saw it! Books are in Japanese mostly and the English ones are classics! It was a nice place to rest after a day of walking and sight-seeing! I was also able to visit a few book stores and would try to share in another post!

I have around 300 pics and 15 vids but I won't post them all here. I decided to make a 14-minute video though because I know I won't be able to do Japan justice! But you should go and visit Japan, it's absolutely one of the countries to tick off on your Bucket List!

Have you been to Japan? How was it?

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