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Title: The Conspiration of the Universe
Author: Kenneth Olanday
Series: Standalone
Edition: Paperback
Publication: 2017 by Cloak Pop Fiction (Summit Books)
Source: Finished copy provided by the publisher
Pages: 241
Genre: Romance, Magical Realism (?), Fantasy, Contemporary

Luke believes in a quote by his favorite author -- that is you want something so bad, the universe will conspire to help you get it.

Luke must have wanted to find love so much that Eureka, the heroine of his favorite book, comes to life and falls in love with him.

There is just one catch: once Eureka reaches the end of her book's storylike in the real world, then her story with Luke will end, too.

Will the universe conspire to help the star-crossed lovers find true happiness with each other?

One thing is for sure, Luke will do everything he can to keep Eureka forever.


I just finished reading my second Pop Fiction book. My first was Karmic Hearts that unfortunately, I didn't enjoy at all. Texts were confusing, typos were all over the book and it was honestly a hard one to read. Though reading The Conspiration of the Universe felt as if it was still a draft manuscript instead of the finished copy, I enjoyed it well enough to land three stars.

If you have read Literally by Lucy Keating (and loved it), this one's for you. Eureka is a character in Luke's favorite book. She appeared in Luke's life just right in the middle of his heartbreak. It's as if universe conspired for Luke to fall in love again. They were happy but you know how it goes, once the book ends, so as Eureka's story in real life.

A scene in TFIOS had a cameo, too. The part were Hazel and Augustus went to meet the author of the book and confronted him about the ending, the characters and a sequel. This made me deduct two stars from my rating because apart from being super similar to Literally, I wasn't expecting another kinda dupe scene to pop-up. I was enjoying it despite the similarities because I thought that the spin of the story would be somehow unique and I would see the author's print in it but I didn't. Would have been a superb one if the story was you know, owned. I am not saying that this book copied Literally (it might have been written prior to Literally) but the similarities are so uncanny and I didn't experience 'discovering' new things in this book. It felt flat at times and aside from the typos and cliches, it wasn't the book I could say gripping or mind-blowing or anything that would stick for a while.

Matt's short story made me absolutely giddy though. He's a side character that I would love to see more from and by the end of the book, I was given a few pages from his point of view. He's absurd at times but definitely a friend you would love to have.

The Conspiration of the Universe is a story I enjoyed. I may have had some issues with it but seeing Luke and Eureka happy made the reading journey worth it.

Thank you for the review copy and for having me, Summit Books!

"Every day we had to make a choice. Most of the time, the effect of our choices would be so small that we'd forget about it. But sometimes, it would be so big that you'd never forget it for the rest of your life."
"Isn't love like a ground wire?"

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