Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Title: The Maps That Contain Us
Authors: Marla Miniano, Reese Lansangan
Series: Standalone
Edition: Paperback
Publication: September 2017 by Summit Books
Source: Bought from National Bookstore
Pages: 99
Genre: Poetry

What are the places that have transformed you? What are the cities you’ll never forget? What are the paths that will forever mark your soul?

In creating their new book of poetry and flash fiction, The Maps That Contain Us, bestselling author Marla Miniano and singer/songwriter Reese Lansangan write about the restless, unforgettable migrations of their spirits. From Ann Siang Road in Singapore to Matnog in Sorsogon, from Amsterdam to Tokyo to Hawaii, they explore love, loss, life, and loneliness in this collection, hoping to finally find their place in this world.

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"Guard your heart, the blues and the purples of it,
close it and lock it and slode the key under
the threadbare carpet for now. Don't worry,
you will find it when you need to. It can
wait. Close your heart, love, but open
your mouth to speak just before you leave--
not to say goodbye, but to tell him you're done
breaking. There are only pinks and golds
in your horizon, and even indelible ink
washes off in time, fades out the way voices
in the night do. And when he laughs
and tells you to save it for yourself, don't
allow yourself to shut down. Even when
he says it again and again: save it for yourself.
Save it for yourself. Run a hand over your face,
everything is in place, remember,
tear your eyes away from his mouth, still
moving, trace a path to the front door, and
save yourself. --MM"

The first time I heard of this book on Twitter, I knew I had to get it. I just knew. The gut-feeling that it's something I would enjoy was just there, flickering. You know that saying about trusting your gut? Damn son, my gut was right because I LOVED THIS!

As a frustrated artist, I admire prints that are done in watercolor. The Maps That Contain Us has these illustrations on the cover that are catchy and pretty much sold me the book. I cannot tell you how much I adore the cover alone! It showcases the talent of the illustrator and it gets you intrigued by just one look. Not only that, the illustrations inside are all gallery worthy I wanna frame them all and hang them on my wall so when I look at them, I will be reminded of how beautiful this book is.

Such a tiny book but is full-packed with the things that make your heart ache. The loss and longing in this book are all so deep I can't help contemplate about such sensitive topics in my life. That raw pain in there was just so strong I am at a loss for words. There's nothing more painful than knowing the story behind an art and this little book is surprisingly such a beautiful outlet of the said pain. The prose was alluring and it felt like - *snaps fingers* - a comfort and reassurance that every thing is going to be okay. You know when you also get that sentimental feeling that when you go to a certain place, you associate it with a memory? This book is THAT, exactly and it is beyond beautiful.

The Maps that Contain Us has impacted me in ways I didn't anticipate. It speaks to me. I loved the prose, writing style combinations, illustrations and cover. This book is written from the soul, a masterpiece that mirrors the heart, sorrow and all.

"I keep coming back
Not because I love you best
But I had you first -RL"


  1. Thank you for reviewing the book...Im here at the national book store, and when I read your review, I immediately buy it.. 😊😊😊


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