Monday, October 16, 2017


Title: The Problem with Being Laura
Author: Ava Feliz
Series: Standalone
Edition: Paperback
Publication: February 2017 by Spark Books
Source: Finished copy provided by the publisher
Pages: 104
Genre: New Adult, Romance


Laura Bayani is the most rigid person you’ll ever meet, from her white long-sleeved blouses with starched collars to her knee-length black skirts to her three-inch high heels. While her colleagues value her efficiency, it hasn’t won her any friends. For a promotion at work, Laura is advised that she has to prove she has the social skills to be an effective manager. Her colleague, Mikaela Perez and her brother, Miguel, agree to help. However, her every effort is met with disaster, and Laura feels increasingly unsure as she tries to break free from her self-imposed chains.

Will Laura have the courage to find herself, and maybe even love, to achieve things beyond her wildest dreams?


Laura is an achiever and a breadwinner. She cannot afford to lax due to her responsibilities at home and this pushed her to be serious at work. She was then bullied, called 'Ice Queen' and she's always the center of rumors. These made her keep to herself and not talk to anyone, it's like she's always sarcastic or mad when she does. She learned not to smile and shut the world around her. Until social skills is her key to get that promotion.

I absolutely enjoyed The Problem With Being Laura. From seeing her get bullied to freeing herself slowly with the help of her friends, it's something remarkable and definitely a thing I could relate to. It's always magic to witness how love (in any form) can transform lives. Laura showed me the side of life where lemons make people so salty they turn to stone and she also showed me how it could be undone. Laura's determination and open-mindedness helped her find the real her which led her to her happiness and I kinda envy that. The 'steps' she took cracked her hard core shell bit by bit and that is so fascinating to watch her development unfold. It's practically seeing a cocoon be a beautiful butterfly. (I cannot think of a better analogy, sorry)

I love her ways of getting what she wants and I truly understand why she sometimes snaps at her friends. She's lucky she has friends - namely Mikaela and Miguel.

Speaking of Miguesl.. Ahem, Miguel, ahem!!!! Miguel is not only dreamy but I think he exists only in fiction and dreams! The way she pursued Laura IS. EVERYTHING! He's such a big help in cracking Laura's armor and their "dates" (Kart racing, plane riding etc) are all drool-worthy. I mean, GOALS.

The Problem with Being Laura is such a feel-good read and definitely recommendable! Adventurous and quirky, this book is magic!

Thank you Anvil Publishing for the copy!

"She looked at him, standing so close to her. This guy who leaped from being a stranger to someone who could read her and her wishes, and tried to make them come true. This guy whose brown eyes and actions had been telling her something the past few weeks."

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