Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Title: ; (Semicolon)
Author: Naveed A. Khan
Series: Poetry
Edition: eBook
Publication: February 4th 2013
Source: Free on Amazon
Pages: 125
Genre: Poetry

A collection of poetry by xq, published in February 2013. The pseudonym "xq" was adopted by writer Naveed Khan as an experimental anonymous release. Other works by this author include Cheap Therapy, Wrapping Paper, and Decaf.

One day, I might perhaps become something so small and insignificant to you that you only think of me as often as you think of the little particles of dust that you can see floating around the window in the late afternoon sun.
If I'm lucky enough, you'll think of me as often as never thinking of me again at all.


The same forces that bring two people together are the same ones that pull them apart.

I only read a handful of poetry books and Semicolon definitely stands out. The beauty of words showered me with feels and the captivating emotions within this little book gave me a heartwarming experience. A few pages in and I knew I'd love this. The passion of the author is something else. You can feel it leaking as your turn every page. I am absolutely happy that I stumbled upon this poetry book! My heart is so SO full right now and don't you wish someone loves you this deeply, freely and tenderly?

OMG, what an amazing book! I highly recommend this to fans of Lang Leav! Semicolon is a feel-good and swoony book!

"I remember feeling the most alive
the moment I realized that it hurts
far more to miss something I never had
than to miss something I did."
"I learned to love you quietly, because I know you prefer silence"
"We grow together as we fall in sync with our inconsistencies"

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