Sunday, September 17, 2017


Being a blogger, a gundam builder, a calligrapher and a bujo-ist while working a full time job you could probably say... challenging. From having to meet all review deadlines up while maintaining social media presence could be a little too intimidating and sometimes frustrating. It's as if your hobby becomes your job, too. I have been trying to find the balance between my job, hobbies and well, entire life but nothing just seemed to work for me without sacrificing some of the things I love. Until I started to Bullet Journal (again) and this time, for good.

At first, Bullet journaling for me eats more time that I wanted it to because I was too focused on making spreads pretty instead of really focusing on its function. So I played around with it, to get a feel of what works and what does not until I found the right rhythm. It helps in so many aspects of my life but majorly in book blogging. I get to see a month's overview with all my deadlines and how I would be able to meet those. I am not too strict though because more often than not, I miss some of these scheduled posts due to sudden reading/blogging slump and procrastination HAHA

Above photo is a sample of the blog posts I should be wrapping up this month. A lot right? But when I get to tick one or two, the productivity juices just shoot right up and I wouldn't be able to stop until I see all of them ticked. Maybe it's just me but seriously, BuJo pushes me to be more productive.

I also love calligraphy and lettering. But since I do NOT have much time to allot to practicing my calligraphy, I decided to incorporate it with BuJo. So I literally practice with my BuJo Headers and Page titles. 'Blog Posts' Header on the above photo is also a sample. This style is like, my Go-To and a lot of people liked it! I've been asked many times how I do it! That being said, I thought of just filming a quick tutorial for you guys who are interested.

- Townbow N55
- Tombow 772 (or any light colored blendable brush pen/marker like Crayola Supertips)
- Blender (mine is a water color brush I got from The Craft Central)
- Muji black pen (or any black pen)
- Uni-ball Signal White Pen
- Pentel Fude Brush Pen (optional; you can use a black pen or gray marker for the shadow)

Also, sorry for the messy letters. I was holding the phone on one hand and writing on the other. Controlling was a struggle HAHA but you get the gist. Also, blend it with as little water as possible and make sure the inks are still somehow wet.

I hope you'd find this post helpful in one way or another! Comment below if you have more questions.

Do you have a bullet journal? If yes, how does it help you overall in your life? If no, how do you stay organized?


  1. so, so pretty! what kind notebook is the one on the picture?

  2. This is gorgeous Kate! I love love the idea of bullet journaling, but I can't get to it. I think I don't understand it no matter how many YT vids I watch of people doing it hahaha
    I've fallen into a year long slump and I'm finally back :)
    This post is truly inspiring because I've been getting into calligraphy as well, but I'm not good... haha

    Jumana @ Books by Jay

    1. Hello, Jumana! Welcome back!!! So happy to see you blogging again!

      It's quite intimidating at first but once you get the hang out of Bujo-ing, it's fun! I started last year but then stopped because I feel like it doesn't work for me but then I found what works for me. You can start by just listing all the things you need to do and then check/cross them once done. You don't have to get all the 'fancy' things actually. Hehehe


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