Tuesday, August 29, 2017


The end of this amazing read-a-thon is here! Out of the 13 ARCs I was planning to read, I only read 3. Then I DNF-ed 4. (Total of 7) The start was going so smoothly but after my third book, reading slump hit me. It didn't go away until the last week of August which was a busy week for me. So no more chance to catch up aaaaah! Fail!

Here are the books I have successfully finished and reviewed!

Lucky in Love is such a promising novel but it lacked real feelings, it absolutely felt flat. I wished hard that I'd enjoy it but I weren't lucky this time. Too bad.

That Thing We Call a Heart is a story of discoveries you'll gladly follow along with. Enjoyable yet heartbreaking at times, this book knows it's ways to the heart.

The Secret History of Us is a story of losing and finding; of forgetting and remembering; of endings and beginnings. This one captured my heart and it is such a source of hope for those who are feeling empty and alone.

I knew from the start that I was just being ambitious but at least I know now that I would have surpassed the books I set if only I fought hard HAHA damn reading slump! I enjoyed this one so much so next year, I will join again!
How many books did you read for the challenge?

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