Saturday, July 1, 2017


Got home an hour ago from book hoarding at Fullybooked in Bonifacio High Street. Today is the start of their month long book sale in celebration of their 10th anniversary! (Last year, it was called MidYear Sale) This is the sale I have been talking about and been saving for since last year and it's always worth waiting for.

Woke up super early today, cleaned the room a bit and as usual, got sucked for three hours browsing social media (this has to stop haha) before I prepped up. There was slight traffic on my way but arrived twenty minutes after. People were starting to rummage the display tables when I arrived and at first, I was really disheartened because it's either the books I want weren't there or the books there were just at 50% off. And I want the 100php (2$) sale.

After two (?) hours of trying to score more books, I finally gave up. Good thing my friend Gari decided to meet up so he was with the whole time and I was also starting to feel tired. I was able to basket at least around 18 books then sorted through them and picked up only 8. I reserved three books though which aren't included in the sale and will pick them up soon. After the ever so tiring book shopping, we went to Ikkuryo and had lunch then I decided to go home. As soon as I got off the cab, the rain poured! It was sooooo fucking hot and humid so imagine the steam of the asphalt when it got wet with rain. Now am dizzy and about to throw up what I had for lunch.

If you wanna know more about the real time experience, here's my thread on Twitter HAHA -- click me! It was fun but would have been more exciting if bookish friends were there with me! So without further ado, here are the titles I decided to go home with: (nothing fancy here okay)


These hardcovers cost me (~25$) 1200php! Most of these are installments from different series. Some I have the first books of, some I don't have. I am trying to complete/collect the PLL series. Deadly is my 4th purchase so 12 more to go HAHA omg! Then I picked up Diana's because you know, Howl's author? And I cannot wait to go back! This loot didn't satisfy the book sale hoarder desires, I want more!

*This post is not in any way sponsored or whatever. I kinda wish it were, though HAHA*

Thank you so much for this awesome sale, FullyBooked and Happy 10th!

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