Sunday, July 9, 2017


Last April, I attended a #RomanceClass event in UP Town Center in Quezon City. The #AprilFeelsDay2017 event was the second RC event I was able to go to because there is no way I would pass this one up. It was also the first time I went to that place and boy, I fell in love. The place was the perfect venue for the Feels event because it's cozy and warm.

Since it was my first time there, I wasnt expecting anything special aside from the typical mall boutiques. But something special was there. The event was just beside Biblio, a local book seller of bargain books! It was the first thing I went into before I actually registered in to the event. Of course, you know me guys, I love rummaging book sale tables so this store wasn't any different but different altogether.

I've read about Biblio in a online article last year but I didn't think I would be able to visit or rather stumble upon its branch in UP Town. I mean, I legit squealed when I saw it. Then I immediately scanned the wallshelves and I was just sucked into the vortex of books.

What I liked most about Biblio is their wall display. My bookish heart couldn't take it at first but it's just a brilliant way to display it and I also liked that they sell other bookish materials like bookends, notebooks, paperweights etc. I really wanted to buy the vintage bike bookends though.

I was able to buy 3 books from this branch and got a free coffee! If I didn't have any events to go to, I would have stayed a little bit longer. They have various titles from all genres! They even have encyclopedias (I think) there!

I am scheduling another trip there in the next coming months and this time, I will savor my stay bahaha I dunno what I'm
saying but it's definitely a nice place to spend time at!

Here are the books I bought from Biblio!


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