Friday, June 16, 2017


Hello, blurbies!! I am so happy to have been given a chance to be a part of this wonderful Blog Tour! Today is the last day and this is the last post so thank you so much to Summit Books and Pop Fiction for hosting! Karmic Hearts by Jhing Bautista is the first ever Pop Fiction book I ever read. Sadly, it didn't meet my expectations. I have encountered *technical* nuances that could have been easily avoided and it was honestly hard for me to get in to. Well, I'll spare you with my rants for now but I'd like to share with you a letter from Cupid! Enjoy!

Title: Karmic Hearts
Author: Jhing Bautista
Series: Standalone
Edition: Paperback
Publication: June 2017 by Summit Books/Pop Fiction
Source: Finished copy provided by the publisher
Pages: 241
Genre: Paranormal, New Adult

Love. Magic. Fate. Best-selling romance novel author Karmina Joan writes about these things. She believes that every person has a purpose, that every soul has a destiny to fulfill. She thought hers was simply sharing her stories.

Her story unfolds with Cupid, the Angel of Love himself. He brings with him a mysterious vessel and a message from on high. It turns out Karmina has a bigger purpose after all—a mission that will make or break humanity as we know it.

As Cupid teaches her the tricks of his trade, Karmina unknowingly gives him something unexpected in return— something the angel of love will find oddly familiar. This may become the one flaw in an otherwise perfect plan that destiny had in store for them.

Does love truly conquer all or are there limits to what humanity can do in the name of love? Witness as Karmina struggles to find the answers before time runs out on true love.
Question from Kristine Balwit:
'Hi, Cupid. why can't I choose who to love?"

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Again, thank you for much Summit Media, Pop Fiction, Jhing Bautista, Blog Tour Participants and Jesselle of The Lifelong Bookworm for having me!

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