Saturday, May 27, 2017


Dunkin Donuts' Red Velvet Cupcake is one of the bests I've tasted!
I won't going to make this long but today is my blog's 5th birthday! Whew! 5 years old! WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK, RIGHT? I couldn't believe I've been doing this for 5 years now! It's been such an enjoyable journey and even though there are bumps in the road, it's still the one thing I wouldn't give up on. I've thought about quitting during those stressful/lazy times but then realization hits me that blogging has been such a huge part of my life I just couldn't you know, stop. So well, ummm, thank you for following, for reading and for staying with me. It's an honor to be an inspiration to others and I always say this, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else.

Thank you, guys, really. It means so SO much to me that you are still here.

To celebrate, here's an international giveaway for you. You can win a book/s worth 20$ from Book Depository as long as TBD ships to you! This is open internationally, ends June 30th!

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Thank you again, guys! Be safe, fight the good fight and be awesome!


  1. Happiest book blogversary, Kate! And, thanks for the giveaway. Followed. :)

  2. Happy 5 years in blogging, Kate! I still remember when your url used to be kisskitkatey and when you suddenly changed it, I had a hard time looking for it. I bookmarked it kaya ng di ako maka'access, nag panic ako. I thought you quit. Hahahaha. :D And several years later, your blog's still here! Yay! I may not be as frequent visitor compared before but when I have time, I always visit your blog first. I hope to meet you in real life! That sounds creepy. (・・;) What I mean is, I hope to see you at book signing events (but I lives miles away from MNL so that might be impossible OTL).

    Happy blogoversary again! :)

    1. Ahhhhh! Alyssa, you are a part of this journey just like what I told you on Twitter! You're there with me from the very beginning and I couldn't thank you enough! I would love to meet you in person! Thank you!!!

  3. Happy 5th Blogversary! :) Followed you sa GCF, Twitter, and sa Instagram. :)


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