Thursday, May 18, 2017


Title: Chasing Mr. Prefect
Author: Katt Briones
Series: Standalone
Edition: Paperback
Publication: February, 2017 by Anvil
Source: Finished copy provided by the author
Pages: 136
Genre: New adult, Romance

For the first time in her life, Vinnie finds herself on the brink of academic suspension.

While standing up to a bully is something she'll never regret, she has to take on additional responsibilities in lieu of punishment for the offense. This unfortunately involves working with Cholo, the head disciplinary prefect, who seems to take delight in other people's blunders. Her determination to match his expectations eventually leads her into a crazy chase to keep up.

Will Vinnie be able to carry on and eventually catch up? Or will the chase be too much for her to handle?


A college student struggling to graduate on time, Vinnie just became one of my ultimate favorite female characters. She wouldn't let anyone bully her by putting them in their right places and because of this, she got involved in a brawl that landed her butt in the Head Prefect's Office. She can't afford to get suspended so she has to join an org to make up for it. Having a temper and a mouth she cant control, I am simply fascinated by Cholo - the org head and her crush - was able to tolerate and jive with her.

Feeling like her dad didn't grieve her mother enough, Vinnie treats her step-mom and step-sister ill. (SHOUT OUT TO THESE TWO AMAZING PEOPLE) No matter how much they empathize, Vinnie's so angsty that her behavour towards them is unbelievable. In the middle of a study sesh one night, she got hungry so she went out grab a quick bite. She and Cholo started to become close friends after they ran on each other in McDonald's. He learned her family situation and got a glimpse of why she's nasty to her family and what I absolutely adored here is how Cholo's being illegitimate child made Vinnie reassess herself. It was such a balanced approach and the level of connection I had with that scenario just caused a ton of waterworks. I mean, it was the best approach ever.

GOOOD!! I LOVE THIS STORY!!! I'm foul-mouthed too (it's so nice to finally see a character who talks like you lolol) and Vinnie's angsty and sarcastic retorts made me snort so much! She mirrors me (at least) because I used to get involved in brawls in gradeschool because I won't let people bully me. And I get it, I get how it could be hard to accept things and loosen up to people you think didn't do enough and this book validated like, my entire life. It isn't only a matter of relating to it but like, I AM IT. It was told in such a heartwarming way I couldn't thank Katt enough for writing this. This story is so raw and the reflects such real, unpolished portion of this life in a brilliant way.

I tried seven times to draft this review but I kept failing. I won't - ever - be able to give justice to how amazing this story is. I won't. But I won't stop pushing this book to people because it has everything I need in it: family dynamics, real life struggle (acads as an example), friendship bumps, relationship growth, M/M relationship (ASHER AND CHAD, YESSS GURL!), travel (ANNYEONGHASEYOOOOO!), behavioral assessment (Cholo being a control freak) and success through hardwork. It gives perfect balance to romance and every day life and that made it even better! The banters will make you giggle and the pick-up lines will make you swoon. Duuuuude, Cholo is life!

This is one of the books that I wish I could read for the first time all over again! Chasing Mr. Prefect will move you to tears. One of the unputdownables, this story will get you hooked from page one till the end!

Thank you super duper, Katt, for sending this copy for review!

"'You sould spend Christmas with us. Cris makes awesome pasta, plus Liana's sans rival is crazy delicious. You'll love it.'
'Seriously?' he asked, looking excited. 'God, I love you!'
'Sabay ganon?'"
"'Don't you ever get tired of me? All that anger and angst?'
'Nah. You're a good person, just doing a good job of hiding it.'
"'All I could think of now is you and how to free you from this pain but I couldn't. I'm just as wounded and no matter what you might think, that makes me just as scared as you are about things. That makes me feel that I'm not good enough for you either, but enough or not I want to be here, with you."

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