Friday, April 14, 2017


Hello, all! How are you doing? Just dropping by again to say a few things. I am currently on social media fasting on both my personal Facebook account (which is currently deactivated until further notice) and on Twitter (just until next week). I got some free time yesterday and today so I decided to tweak stuff on the blog. I was aiming for a palette that is still pinkish but not so bright. One that is similar to a rose gold but without the shine? LOL. The last theme was inspired by watercolor and I loved it but I just wanted to have a simpler page now. The header is made from a font I got online but I think this one is the closest to my calligraphy so I am absolutely satisfied with it. I am happy with how flat the blog looks! I kept the same formatting though.

There are also a few reviews lined up next week so watch out for them! Thank you and talk later!
New button!

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