Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I said this before and I will say it again, took me a while to join the #RomanceClass fandom because of reasons. I've read a few in the past that I didn't click with and I've had a few mishaps with some of the authors. I was too afraid that I won't be supporting them ENOUGH if I didn't like the books and all those other reasonings. Luckily, Sab (from Sab, The Book Eater) was reading one of the #RomanceClass books a few months back and that gut-feeling just took over me. I went and grabbed my very first #RomanceClass book (The Boyfriend Backtrack by Dawn Lanuza) and I loved it! The hoarding started and I just couldn't stop. If you check my February reads, they're all RC books (some are low ratings though) and the rest is history! I still have a few more left to read then I will hoard some more.

Because of this new found love for RC books, I attended the #NBSFeelsCafe event last February 18th at Shangrila Mall in Mandaluyong (I KNOW I'M SO LATE)

I've had so many firsts that day. It was my first time attending an RC (please read it as R-C :p) event, first time to go our with my eyebrows on fleek (color too dark tho haha), first time in Shang, first time in meeting the lovely authors, first time watching Chad film his IG Stories series: #ChadTV and first time to listen/watch a live reading! It was so thrilling!

The ambiance was so warm and cozy plus it smells coffee in there. Aaaaaah. Books and coffee are the best combo ever. Stage setup was so perfect for the event and Valentine's mood. Everything was so SO lovely.

I saw friends: Chad, JB both from NBS, Sab of Sab, The Book Eater, Miss Mina Esguerra, Miss Kate Evangelista, Dianne of Oops, I Read a Book Again!, Gela and I finally met Bianca of The Ultimate Fangirl and Dawn Lanuza! (!!!!!!!) These ladies are even more gorgeous and amazing in person! I also saw Jenni of Rurouni Jenni Reads again! The RC authors are very welcoming but gaaahd, I was too shy to say hello to them! Maybe next time, I won't be a stranger anymore haha!

Then the live reading! So much feels, guys! And goosebumps! And love! And admiration and respect! It was beautiful.

**Unfortunately, I couldn't upload the live reading videos. They are absolutely shake-y. Ughhhh! Sorry! I'd try to use a tripod next time!**

This event is a proof that we have very talented authors locally and that the Romance Class community is such a welcoming group I want to be a part of. This experience is extremely amazing and I want more!!

Thank you National Bookstore and Romance Class for hosting such lovely event! I cannot wait to attend the next one in April! #RomanceClass for the win!

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