Wednesday, April 19, 2017


*I drafted this last night*

I literally just got home from Scholastic Warehouse Sale and damn son, I am the epitome of sticky sweat right now. It's summer (feels like all year long though) here in the Philippines so the heat and humidity are *gaaaaaad* almost unbearable. Imagine walking to the bus station  (well, I rode a van at the bus station) at 3:45 in the afternoon with 41°C heat index and 736261719915251% humidity, that leaves you with such nasty attitude. I mean, it's fucking hot. So yeah, arrived at the warehouse after around 45 minutes.

Seeing the room jam-packed with people is a view I have anticipated. Who would pass up the chance to hoard from a "book buffet" table for only 799php (9$) right? I can get books from the "buffet table" as long as the books do not overflow from the box. But hold your horses, that isn't what happened. Apparently, I can only get from the table full of children's books and not from the shelves with YA. Okay, fine, I don't mind. But the shelves are bareeeeeee!!! I mean, there are YA books in there but 97% of them are YAs I never heard of and are paperbacks (lucky you paperback collectors, this sale is for you! Drop everything and go there right away). As a hardbound collector perspirating 3738262181 miles per second, I am starting to get ticked off. So okay, again, probably they wouldn't display the nice ones today since it's just the first day of a month long sale.

So I tried searching for the titles I really came there for. I have been holding off purchasing my hardcover set of Harry Potter thinking I could get it there way cheaper. (Scholastic published HP, they should have it there, right?) So after like 20 steps, I was able to literally inspect the shelves and I saw HP1 3 and 4! Yaaaay! But wait for eeeeeeet!! THEY ARE ONLY ON 10 FUCKING PERCENT OFF!! LIKE, UGH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEEE! I didn't get them. I can but I won't because I am stingy like that haha, or practical? Because I could get them cheaper from online stores selling pre-loved copies IN A VERY MINT CONDITION compared to what they sell at the warehouse. I was fuming and legit, my irritation and disappointment started showing!

So I asked the people there. They told me like, a few years back they did sell HP sets in bargain price (ughhh where was I). Okay fiiiiiiine, I was trying to tell myself calm the fuck down, Kate. I tried again to search for the second book I came there for but they don't fucking have it either!! I mean, Scholastic published The Hunger Games so why aren't they selling it? At this moment, I admitted to myself that I was cheated on. HAHAHA sorry but bruh, I expected so much haha! So I settled for a battered copy of The Red Pyramid at 25% off price just so I have something to go home with.

Someone came out of the office and was kind of manning the staff. I asked him if they have atleast The Hunger Games. I was told they don't have yet but they will replinish the stocks the next day. So I asked him politely if they atleast have one available because I came all the way from Makati just for it. He went back inside for me and gave me a copy. He wasn't supposed to display it but I guess he wanted to make me happy so he did it for me. I mean, guyyyys, that's one of the best customer service ever! My shitty trip to the sale became worth it because of what he did for me! So thank you ever so SO much, Ezekiel of Scholastic Philippines! I truly appreciate what you've done for me today! THANK YOU!!!

I can't promise that I'd be back there this season but I was assured that they will keep displaying newer titles and replenish stocks every day! Overall experience: 4 over 10 (to justify this, I collect hardbound books and this is just me guys! I might have just gone to the sale on the wrong day!) Overall customer service received: 11 over 10.

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